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"Regressed In Foster Care III"

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Full length movie 65 minutes playing time
Featuring Melanie, Veronica and Wendy
Based on a true story

Two weeks after "Regressed In Foster Care II". Stefanie has been adopted

Foster carer Veronica is expecting a visit from Wendy, her supervisor. When Melanie wakes she changes her soaked overnight diaper and puts her in a pretty dress to meet her.

Wendy arrives with new supplies. Two big boxes of disposable diapers, bottles, pacifiers and some sample foods to try. Melanie is so excited when she sees all the different cool patterned diapers.

Veronica is also happy for the new supplies but she confesses to Wendy taking care of all the needy AB girls is taking it's toll. She loves her job but she is having trouble coping. Then the worst happens. She has been trying to hold on until Wendy finished her chat but could not and pees herself right in front of her boss. The humiliation!

Wendy is such a caring person and knows how this has to go. Veronica needs to immerse herself in regression therapy herself. Wendy says she can stay and take care of the two of them. Melanie is too young to get the whole picture. She is just happy to have someone her age to play with!

First up Wendy needs to diaper Veronica before she has any more "accidents". Then she dresses both girls in similar overalls and puts them together in a playpen. She explains to Veronica regression therapy is very necessary. Look how it helped Melanie. She says Veronica could be an AB girl for quite some time. Maybe forever.

Wendy realises some time has past since she arrived and asks the girls "Who is hungry" Both say they are and she stuns Veronica by breast feeding her along with Melanie at the same time. Melanie takes it in her stride because being breast fed is perfectly normal to her now.

After the girls have filled their tummies Wendy checks their diapers. Yep, both are saturated and need to be changed right away. She lays them on the floor next to each other and does a double diaper change.

She figures the girls may be able to take some solids so she mixes up a bowl of multigrain with pear from the sample pack. On with their bibs and a succesful spoon feed.

When Wendy returns to the kitchen, Veronica's work phone rings. Veronica is jolted back to her former grown up life and wants to get back to doing her grown up job. But Wendy insists she is not ready and to be prepared to be regressed and totally cared for. And for a long time.

Veronica accepts Wendy knows best so after Wendy has dressed both girls in snug footed pyjamas and kissed them good night she snuggles up to her new AB friend and nods off peacefully until the morning

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